PR & Media

China’s media landscape is incredibly fragmented, with thousands of individual newspapers, television channels and radio stations; even more significant and influential are its online media platforms, which are too numerous to count. Working with trusted partners, SNOVW can help you sift through this multitude of media outlets – all of which are tightly controlled by the government (increasingly so in the case of online advertising) – to identify the right targets and develop tailored approaches to promote your products and enhance your brand.

Social Media

China’s top social media platforms of Weibo and WeChat may often be compared to Twitter and Whatsapp – but in reality, they have no direct Western analogues. Meanwhile, video sharing sites like Youku and Tudou, along with countless other niche social media channels, make China’s social media landscape even more complex for outsiders to navigate. Whilst all these platforms present novel and distinct ways of marketing to customers with targeted advertising and messaging, our team can help you identify the right approach, craft tailored content, and purchase advertising space on whichever of these platforms we believe works best for your business.

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