Whilst China presents incredible business growth opportunities, it also poses many daunting challenges – including cultural diversity, language barriers, legal and licencing regulations, and a distinct online environment. With its experienced cross-cultural team, SNOVW is perfectly positioned to help you tackle these challenges and define an effective export marketing strategy that aligns with your budget and business goals.

SNOVW offers a full suite of marketing tactics, including market research, China marketing strategy development, campaign execution, e-commerce management, copywriting, design and much more. Everything we do is backed by measurement and analytics, helping ensure you are maximising your marketing ROI and have clear, actionable insights for continued success.

Whether you just need support in one area or are seeking a strategic partner to manage your marketing end-to-end in China, we can help.

& Copywriting

Whether it’s adapting your existing English content or crafting fresh copy, we’ll ensure that your brand communicates in Chinese with style and impact. Our native understanding of Chinese culture and language enables us to write copy that targets your Chinese customers while preserving the nuances of your brand voice and messaging.

in China

With some of the most brand-conscious consumers in the world, China is a market in which only companies with a strong, localised brand strategy can succeed. Our team will work with you to develop a brand image in China that helps achieve your business objectives and boast your brand presence. With our proven branding methodology, we can help you form a localised brand identity and guidelines, including Chinese brand and product names, and craft campaigns that will make you a household name in China.

Chinese Online

China’s online landscape could not look more different from the rest of the world’s. In place of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, they have Baidu, Weibo, WeChat and Youku – so it goes without saying that your online marketing strategy needs to be uniquely Chinese too. SNOVW understands the search, social media, digital advertising and e-commerce platforms of China inside out, and knows how to leverage them to achieve your company goals.

Web & Mobile

Successful web and mobile development for China requires an in-depth understanding of both the nation’s digital landscape and its complex regulatory environment. SNOVW knows how to deliver a first-rate user experience on any platform, while working within local laws and policies to ensure there is no risk of being blocked by authorities. Our developers have experience with website front- and back-end, native mobile apps and WeChat mini programs. Once your site or app is live, you can rest easy knowing that we can provide you with ongoing support and maintenance, including hosting, ICP licence application and content management.


China has the world’s largest e-commerce economy, with sales totalling 7.18 trillion RMB (1.57 trillion NZD) in 2017, an increase of 32% from the previous year; it also already accounts for 42% of the world’s online commerce, according to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute. SNOVW will help you take advantage of this incredible growth by navigating the crowded and complex field of e-commerce channels, with a particular focus on the leading platforms of Taobao Global, T-mall, JD Worldwide and WeChat. In short, we know where to find your audience in China, and how to convert them into customers.


As with any market, understanding the local culture and landscape is key to delivering your message to your target audience. Whether it’s paid, earned or organic media, SNOVW and our strategic partners have you covered. We have a deep understanding of all China’s key media channels, as well as connections to the journalists and influencers that matter.

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